Sotiris Andreou is a Classical Guitarist that received numerous appraisals for his wonderful capacity to interpret music but also for his innovative approach to composing music. Soritis was born and raised in the small city of Katerini located in Northern Greece. Since an early age he demonstrated a unique talent for the guitar and won the appraise of the International Guitar Duo Evangellos Assimakopoulos and Liza Zoi. In 1997 was awarded his diploma with distinction (summa cum laude) as well as the prestigious donated monetary prize ever given. The assessment panel was comprised of the soloists Ioannou Dimitris, Kosmas Galilaias, Evangellos Assimakopoulos, Liza Zoi, and Notis Mavroudis. Since then Sotiris has been actively performing concerts in Greece whilst teaching students.


1990-1997 / (Diploma - Suma Cum Lade) Municipal Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Greece, supervised by professors Evangelos Assimakopoulos and Liza Zoi.

1989-1990 / Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Greece, with soloist Kostas Kotsiolis

1985-1989 (Ptychion) / Municipal Municipal Conservatory of Katerini, Katerini, Greece with Nikos Tzagas and Professor Charalabos Navrozidis

1984-1985 / Apollonian Conservatory of Katerini, Greece with Nikos Konstantinidis

Guitar Prizes

In 1997 was awarded his guitar diploma as a soloist with distinction (summa cum laude) as well as the prestigious first-ever monetary prize ever given. The assessment panel was comprised of the soloists: Mr. Ioannou Dimitris, Mr. Kosmas Galilaias, Mr Evangellos Assimakopoulos, Mrs. Liza Zoi, and Mr. Notis Mavroudis.

Master Class Workshops

2005 with Oscal Giglia
2004 with Carlos Bonnel
2003 with Roberto Aussel
2002 with Roland Dias
1998 with Evangelos Assimakopoulos
1990 with Roberto Aussel
1988 11th festival of classic Guitar with Stefano Arruta

Guitar Scores Performed in Concerts

Poetica etude by D. ForteaGuartame
Las Vacas by Luis de Narvaes
Gnossiene by E.Satie
Romance by N.Paganini
Millonga by J. Gardoso
Fantasia by S.L.Weiss
Valses by A. Lauro
Dedicatoria and Spanish dance no 5 byE.Granados
Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Sueno, Adelita,Lagrimae, and vals by F.Tarrega
Concert in D major by A.Vivaldi
Concierto de Aranjuez by J.Rodrigo andEvocation et danza
Mallorca, Granada, Rumores de la Calleta,Cuba,TorreBermeja, , Cataluna, Asturias,
ZambraGranadina by Isaak Albeniz
Suite no 1, 3,and 4 by J.S.Bach

Rondo 2 by D.Aguado.
Gran solo, rondo, variations on a theme byMozart by F.Sor
Five Bagatelles by W.Walton
Sonatina in A by F.M.Torroba
Sonatas by D.Scarlatti
Preludes no 1,3,5, and choros no 1 by H.VillaLobos
DanzaCubana by Anonymous
Preludio 1 by M.Ponce
Melancholy Galliard by J.Dowland
Sons de Carilhoes by Joao Pernambuco
The Entertainer by Scott Joplin
Choro da Saudade, and Julia Florida(Barcarola) by A.BarriosMangore
Etude no 17+18, Serenata Espanola byJ.Malats
Estudio, Estudio de concierto,MazurkaApasionata,Vals op.8,no.4 by A.Barrios
Suite in A by Leopold Silvius Weiss
Um amor de valsa by Paulo Bellinati
Partita en la Mineur by Johann A.Logy
The first part from the Concert for Guitar in Amajor by Mauro Giuliani


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